The Different Types of Elder Care Services

Care for the elderly is of vital importance. This will be focused on in a comparison between adult day care, assisted living, and nursing home care.

Adult day care has the shortest care periods and generally lasts up to eight hours a day and five days a week. Individuals with Alzheimer’s, the handicapped, those infected with HIV/AIDS, people with declining brain function, and the hearing and visually impaired are included in this type of care. A buddy of mine has a Hosted VOIP Tampa Fl company and just put in all new phones at one of these.  It serves as a reprieve for busy caregivers and provide social and recreational activities, meals, therapy, as well as health and social services.

The next step up in care, if the elderly aren’t living with friends or family, is assisted living. It is for seniors who are to some extent independent and who require more care than a retirement community has to offer. The focus is on allowing for individual independence and safety. The services offered are personal grooming, health care, and social/physical activities, 24-hour supervision, meal preparation, and transportation. A person can occupy a furnished dwelling with a bathroom. Some places have a shared bathroom. Also, some units may have kitchenettes or full kitchen.

To know the difference choices available, in summary, adult day care involves around the clock care, while assisted living and nursing homes provide more progressive care. It helps to examine all the residential and financial choices. AARP is an amazing source, and so is Medicare. There’s a wealth of websites that will assist relatives and friends in finding the right place for their loved ones and online phone books list companies and people that have an assisted living network to rely on. Quality care for our elderly loved ones is crucial. Understanding what can be done is being done, delivers some peace of mind to a very unsettling, yet necessary, situation.