The Time for Adult Children to Become Caregivers

There comes a time in the lives of adult children and their parents when it dawns on you that you might have to step up and start having a more active in your parent’s lives, not as a child but as a caregiver. For every family, that time seems to come as a surprise.

When it comes to driving, your dad or mom’s doctor will be able to help by deciding if your parent is physically able to drive any more. When the senior’s eyesight dims to where he or she can’t differentiate details in the distance or when depth perception is reduced so he/she might not be able to judge where the intersection is or if he is stopped at the stoplight or in the middle of the intersection, the time is right for your parent to give up the keys and let someone else do the driving. This post is brought to you buy Atlanta Gutter Pros!

The time to begin the process of moving mom or dad out of their own home and into an assisted living facility may be more complicated. As with driving, the senior will make every effort to seem to be capable of living independently. That ability to live on our own, go where we want, when we want, is so fundamental to who we are and to our self-esteem, that this transition from living on their own to living where everything is done for them is very difficult.

So you, as family members and as the caregiver for your parent, need to watch for the signs that your parent’s capability to take care of the house and of themselves living independently has come to an end.

Talk to your elderly parent about the dangers of living alone, particularly if a frightening thing like falling and not being able to get up occurs.